Penscape Token Series


No.         Description
These are large, well made pens that can be taken apart and reassembled in different color combinations. The colors are metallic, and I’m not sure if the photos do them justice. I have a variety of nibs: gold plate, two-tone 18k, and titanium and they can all be interchanged. There are two pocket clips to choose from as well. Name comes from the old San Francisco tokens inserted into the cap top.
1-3 Only three Token pens left. Cartridge/converter fill. Your choice of pocket clip and with a plated nib……..$225. With Stipula Titanium nib........$275 With 18K two-tone gold nib……..$325
4 Penscape hand-painted Lucile Ball pen can be had with or without pocket clip. (The one shown is cast in sterling silver.) You can also choose which nib you want: gold plated, titanium, or 18K two-tone nib. Base pen comes without a pocket clip and with a gold-plated nib for $375. If you would like either pocket clip, add $75. Add $50 for titanium nib. Add $100 for 18k two-tone nib.
5 Penscape hand-painted Four Seasons pen base price of this pen is $475 without pocket clip. Add ons are the same.
6 Penscape hand-painted Dragon pen has base price of $675 without pocket clip. Add ons are the same.