Parker Row H: Mint Sticker Forrest Green and Other Aerometric 51s


1 51 Special in burgundy. Pen is in very nice condition with light surface scratches to cap indicating careful use. No dings. Octanium nib writes with a Fine to Medium line…………..$110
2 51 Special in forrest green. Pen and Pencil are mint with sickers. Medium nib……………………………….$245
3 51 in midnight blue. This color is more difficult to find than people may think. This pen is in very good condition over all, with light surface scratches to cap. However, I must mention the hood. It has a few long scratches from someone who carelessly to remove it. At least the person thought the better of it and stopped before too much damage was done. Or perhaps the cap just loosened after all. Scratches have been significantly lessened by sanding and polishing but remnant of marks remain visible. A little bit of TLC went a long way to help out a lovely pen in a hard to find color……..$145
4 Not shown: 51 Special in midnight blue. Pen has a very nice steel cap and a broad 14K nib. Hard to find combination of nib and color……….$175
5 51 Demi in teal blue with Lustraloy cap, 14K gold nib. Cap retains much of its original finish. Lovely clean pen writes with a Fine line. ……………………………$125
6 51 Demi in teal blue pen and pencil set. Gold-fill caps. Light surface scratches to caps. Fine octanium nib suggests original nib replaced or pen may have been switched with a Special (octanium nib) pen…..$125
7 51 Special? in teal blue with gold-fill cap. Aerometric filler is marked “Special” but the pen says otherwise. Converging line cap has slight “speckling”/pitting in between a few of the lines, a not uncommon occurrence. The cap is free from dings and significant signs of wear and has only light surface scratches. It looks to me that the original ink sac is replaced with a rubber sac. Pen has an Extra Fine 14k nib ……………………..$110
8 51 in teal blue with gold-fill converging line cap. Cap has a few small shallow dents with no brassing. Very nice cap. Gold wash in middle of clutch ring. Pen writes with a Fine to Medium line, leaning towards Medium…..$145
9 51 in teal blue with gold-fill wavy line cap. Cap is in very nice condition and I could find no dents or scratches (just the start of wear to the bottom of the cap lip) However, the cap is incorrect for this pen. I’m going to place a clean Lustraloy cap on this pen. I’ll save the wavy line cap for a Vac-fill 51. So this listing reads: 51 in teal blue with nice Lustraloy cap. Writes with a Fine line. ………………………..$125
10 If anyone is interested in a Vac-fill 51 with a wiggly-line cap please let me know. Maybe a Torelli/Erano?
11 51 teal blue demi with a very nice converging line gold-fill cap. Name inscribed on barrel. Pen writes with a Fine line. ………………..$145
12 51 Special in navy gray with Medium to Broad octanium nib. Excellent plus to Near mint. Not a trace of ink………………………..$175
13 51 Vaucmatic-fill in dove gray. Another earlier Vac. This one is excellent and is a little bit of a mystery to me. The pen has seen very little use and it may have its original diaphragm. I can see that happening thirty-plus years ago, but I’m not sure an original diaphragm could “stay alive” this long. The joint between the barrel and blind cap is seamless, which is a very difficult thing to achieve unless you’re Parker. No indication to indicate barrel been sanded or turned down to match the blind cap. Superior color. Date code of 3 and three dots indicates first quarter 1943 production. Gold wash in clutch is ring still present. Markings on barrel are not as crisp as I would like, but they are fully legible and evenly struck. Unblemished hreads on blind cap and vac-fill unit. Gold-fill cap with panels of multiple parallel lines mirrors the rest of the pen. Crisp pointed end jewel. If the pen has been repaired, I’d like to know who the guy was that did it. Can a rubber diaphragm still work after Seventy-seven years? Writes with an Extra Fine line…….$275
14 Parker 51 demi in navy gray. Aerometric filler. Pen is clean. No dings to cap but it does have light surface scratches and a light score mark which goes around the cap at the bottom of the pocket clip. Clip is now secure. I toyed with the idea of refreshing the cap to do away with the score mark but thought better of it. I will if the person who buys the pen prefers it that way. There is a name inscribed on the barrel. Writes with a Fine line………..$95